"We’ve been describing the [200th] episode as ‘musical-ish.’ it’s very much what we consider to be a love-letter to the fans." says Carver. "Technically in the season opener, there’s singing and music involved as well," says Ackles. "And a little rump shaking," adds Carver. "Apparently Demon Dean likes to karaoke," Ackles says.

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release the bofa trailer 

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My entire characterization of John Watson in-a-relationship-with-Sherlock-Holmes and how he would look at Sherlock and act in that relationship can just be summarized by:


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1/3 - Andrew Scott photoshoot for Top Man - I love the top one - he’s got some serious guns going on there - yumminniny.

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Some brilliant motto from Benedict.

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rain appreciation post

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omg.. this is the best thing ever, i am dying

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Badgley Mischka Pre-Fall 2014

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Misha Collins and Orlando Jones - Creativity is Magic panel at SDCC 2014 (x)

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